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To take the RSC Survey:

  • Visit this link:
  • Enter your grade-level code:
    • Grade 9: 9SUHL5
    • Grade 10: 10NG4T
    • Grade 11: 11ZCY8
    • Grade 12: 12RCG2
  • Complete the demographics information.
  • Take the survey!

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About Redesigning School Counseling

The Redesigning School Counseling Student Survey will be used to help improve our school counseling program and is vital to the success of both our staff and students success at Mississinewa Community Schools. Students will require about 30 minutes for this survey. Instructions for teachers have been included in PDF format as well as information students will require to complete this RSC Student Survey.


This survey contains questions for the student regarding their future plans, career interests and choices from their past year that impact high achievement, and more topics that will help enhance the guidance program at Mississinewa.

Student Information

This survey is to help our school counselors provide services that best meet the need of our students. This is not a test. The more honest the responses are the better this tool will help our counselors meet student needs.

  • Please visit this web address to get started: ASAI Surveys
  • Enter the code for your grade level listed below.
  • Answer the questions. 

Grade 9: 9SUHL5

Grade 10: 10NG4T

Grade 11: 11ZCY8

Grade 12: 12RCG2

Teacher & Survey Administrator Instructions

Along with the "Student Information" listed above, Mississinewa Guidance has included the complete RSC Student Survey instructions on this site. CLICK HERE (pdf) This document includes step-by-step instructions, an FAQ section, and general directions for student succes while administering this survey.


Redesigning School Counseling Instructions . PDF . DOC