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Round-Up Set for Spring 2017. Westview Elementary will hold PreSchool Round-Up on March 9th and 14th, 2017. Times will be 1:30 PM and 5:30 PM. You can view and print a "Save-The'Date" card in the Parent Resources below.

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Our educators are highly-qualified and ready for the beginning of each child's educational journey.

(Questions and concerns should be directed to Liz Strong, OleMiss PreSchool Coordinator.)

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What is OleMiss PreSchool?

Outdoor Classroom at OleMiss PreSchoolOleMiss PreSchool is a developmental program for children ages 3-5 that focuses on the importance of play and engagement. We allow children to learn through their own curiosity and document their achievements through meaningful observations and assessments. We believe in children's ability to work through issues with conflict resolution and problem-solving techniques. Our curriculum includes a variety of concepts and themes that meet all of the requirements of Indiana's Early Learning Development Framework. Our program provides monthly family activities as an opportunity to promote the importance of family engagement as well as a chance to provide parent education materials and resources. A unique quality of our preschool is that we have an outdoor classroom that children can explore and experience nature in a safe environment. We would like to expand our program to reach more children in our community. We truly believe all children deserve to have the opportunity for preschool.

Vision & Core Values

Our mission is to provide a safe place to take advantage of the teachable moments that happen day-to-day by fostering the intellectual, creative, social, emotional, and physical growth and development of our students.


OleMiss PreSchool will foster a caring, cooperative, and culturally diverse school environment that promotes trustworthiness in positive and respectful relationships. We encurage family participation and education to continue the success of the child into adulthood.


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  • We will provide an environment that allows children to learn by moving from concrete, hands-on experiences to more abstract concept development.
  • Priority will be given to developing a healthy balance of child-directed and teacher-guided activities.
  • Children have the opportunity to work individually, in small groups, and in large groups.
  • We offer innovative, creative, and efficient programs to foster an environment that leads to achieving greater success.
  • We believe that a stable, safe, healthy, comfortable, and culturally relevant
    environment is crucial to a child's growth.
  • A play-based approach provides a child-centered curriculum supported by
    teachers in which children are encouraged to construct their own knowledge.
  • We believe that our program reflects the needs and goals of children
    and families. We look forward to working closely with families which will
    provide an integrated, comprehensive approach to learning.