----------------Week 5 of matches-------------------------

  On Saturday, we traveled to Lebanon and waited out the rain to play Eastern Hancock and Lebanon.  We defeated Eastern Hancock 4-1.  Satang split sets with her opponent before dropping a super tie-break 11-9.  The JV won 5-0.  Lebanon defeated us 4-1 with Alanna winning our lone point.  Kristin played well against Bethany Moore (state runner-up individually in 2010).  Alanna went 2-0 on the day.  The JV team lost 4-1 to Lebanon….ToriHeathcote/Kayla won their doubles match.


  On Thursday, we made up our match with Wabash.  Kristin played well again…she is getting on a roll.  Alanna, Shelby, and Meriah/Markayla finished their matches quickly.  The JV team won 2-0.   Addie/Kayla and ToriHeathcote/Gabby won doubles matches.


 On Wednesday, we defeated an inexperienced Blackford squad 5-0.  Kristin, Alanna, and Shelby gave up a total of 1 game in their wins.  Summer/Caroline looked pretty good in their win.  Satang/Justine won at #2 Doubles.  The JV team won 6-1.  Winners were: ToriHeathcote, Nicole(in her first singles match), Tori Huey, Meriah/Markayla, ToriHuey/Kayla, and Gabby/Heather.


  On Tuesday, we played a very consistent Alexandria team that defeated us 4-1.  Overall, we did not perform with the effort or confidence needed to bet a solid team like Alexandria.  This was our first Conference loss on the season.  Kristin played well in her loss to a strong opponent.  Summer/Caroline beat a good doubles team.   The JV team tied 3-3.



----------------Week 4 of matches-------------------------

  On Saturday, South Adams came to town to play us.  Both teams were trying to get caught up on missed matches due to our typical Spring weather.  Markayla/Shelby quickly won 6-0, 6-0.  Alanna, Kristin, and then Emily all followed suit.  Summer/Caroline beat a good doubles team 6-4, 7-5, coming back from a 4-1 second set deficit.

  The JV kept their streak going with their 6-0 win.  Singles winners were: Satang and Justine while the doubles winners were: Jennie/Sarah, ToriHeathcote/Nicole, Kayla/ToriHuey, and Heather/Gabby.


  On Thursday, we nearly didn’t play Madison Grant.  After drying the courts twice and spending much time debating if we should play, we finally decided to try to get the matched played.  I am glad we did…..it was a great day for us.  Alanna, very quickly, gave us a 1-0 lead.  Kristin followed and added another victory to her belt, making it 2-0.  Summer/Caroline played with a lot of confidence.  It was great to see them so active on the court while making good decisions.  It was a fun match to watch.  They sealed the team win with their victory.  Emily did her usual, hustling for everything.  Her win gave us a 4-0 lead.  Markayla/Meriah stretched their opponents to 3-sets before dropping the 5th varsity spot.

  The jv team won 9-0.  The JV team extends their record to 7-0.


On Tuesday, we hosted Western.  We beat them 5-0 with Kristin, Alanna, and Emily taking care of business quickly.  The 3 singles players gave up a total of 3 games in their wins.  Meriah/Markayla finished soon after giving us a 4-0 lead.  Summer/Caroline needed to win a 3rd set tie-break to give us the sweep at Varsity.

  The JV Team won 7-0, taking their record to 6-0.  Winners were: Shelby, Satang, ToriHuey, Kayla, and the doubles teams of ToriHeathcote/Addie, Nicole/Heather, and Sarah/Gabby.


----------------Week 3 of matches-------------------------

  On Tuesday, our match with Wabash was rained out.  We will make it up on May 5th.

  On Wednesday, we started off the conference matches with a 5-0 win over Elwood.  The girls did not want to stay on the courts in the cold long so they made quick work of the Panthers.  Alanna and Kristin refused to give up a single game while Summer/Caroline gave up only 1.  Emily and Meriah/Markayla won 6-1, 6-1.

  The JV Team advanced their record to 4-0 with a 6-1 win. Jennie, Shelby, and Satang won their singles matches while Addie/ToriHeathcote, Kayla/ToriHuey, and Heather/Nicole won their doubles matches.

  On Thursday, we defeated Taylor 4-1.  Kristin played well in her quick match.  Alanna was right behind giving us a 2-0 lead.  Markayla/Meriah clinched with their victory.  Summer/Caroline were finished playing more aggressively.  Emily stretched her opponent to 3 sets but dropped her first decision of the year.

  The JV Team won 4-1 to take their record to 5-0.  Winners were: Addie/ToriHeathcote, Kayla Wright/Tori Huey, Heather/Nicole, and Sarah Greentree.

  On Saturday, we played in the Logansport tournament, finishing in 2nd of 4 teams.  We beat Northwestern 4-1, beat Jennings County 4-1, and lost to Logansport 4-1.  Overall, it was a good, long day filled with a lot of tennis.  There were many positives and hopefully, we will grow from this experience.  Shelby, subbing in for Emily, picked up a varsity win.


----------------Week 2 of matches-------------------------

  We defeated Bluffton 4-1 on Tuesday Night.  Kristin played another very close match against another nice player.  Alanna defeated Evans in 2 sets….Alanna needed a 3rdset tie-break to beat Evans last year.  Emily was too consistent for her opponent again!  Summer/Caroline won at #1Doubles while Meriah/Markayla dominated at #2Doubles.

  The JV Team won 10-1.  Winners were: Jennie, Justine, Shelby, Satang, Addie, ToriHeathcote, Tori Huey, Kayla, Gabby, and Sarah.


  On Thursday, we traveled to Anderson to compete against the newly combined schools of Anderson HS and Anderson Highland HS.  It was a great day for Olemiss Tennis!  Kristin gave us an early but short-lived lead with a solid performance.  It took a while before Alanna gave us a 2-1 lead.  Meriah/Markayla came back from a 3-0, 3rd set, deficit to power their way to the victory.  Emily played with much energy and confidence for 3 hours!  Pretty impressive and highly entertaining!

  The JV team advanced their record to 3-0 with a 7-2 win.  Winners were:  Addie. Jenny/Shelby, Justine/Satang, Addie/ToriHeathcote, Kayla/Tori Huey, Nicole/Heather, and Gabby/Sarah.


----------------Week 1 of matches------------------------

  Marion defeated us 4-1.  Emily earned our only win.  She did a great job…she moved her feet pretty well in her first varsity match ever.  Kristin lost a close match to a nice player.  Summer and Justine played a 3 hour match but just came up short.  Hopefully, this match will motivate us to push ourselves a little more.  We need to move our feet better.  We will keep working to improve our skills and good habits on the court.

  The JV Team won 6-4.  We played 4 tie-break matches…winning 2 and losing 2 of them.  Satang won both her singles and doubles matches.  Jenny and Kayla both pulled out their tie-break matches for victories.  Shelby teamed with Satang for win at doubles.  Other winners were: Heather, Nicole, and ToriHuey.


  Caroline had her appendix removed last Saturday.  She is recovering slowly.  We are trying to put together a varsity roster that could compete with our opponents.  A lot of players are trying to get back in the groove but they have a lot of tennis balls to hit to become as consistent as we need to be.  Hopefully, it will not take us too long to be playing well.  Our new players are doing a great job improving every day.

   We have a lot of work to do to become a great team!


-----------------Season Intro-----------------------------

   We have a total of 22 players on the team this Spring.  Even though we have a lot of inexperienced players and only 2 girls who have more than 1 year playing varsity, we feel we have enough varsity experience to lead us.  Kristin will step in to the #1 Singles position…she is coming into the season with a lot of enthusiasm.  I can’t wait to see her play!   Alanna, Summer, and Caroline will help give us support on the court.  There are 4-6 players fighting for the last 3 varsity spots…we need players to separate themselves from the pack.

  We do know where we stand in the Conference.  The CIC should be pretty strong this year.  Defending champ Alexandria had only 1 senior on their team last year.  Frankton and Madison Grant should field good teams this year.  Elwood and Blackford returns 7 of their top 8 players.  We will prepare to compete for a title. 

   We have a lot of work to do to become a great team…We are confident this team will work hard all season!