The girls are working hard to get ready for the matches.  We are returning 5 starters.  Summer and Tori will be hard to replace.  With Summer playing at Grace, we have had a string of 3 straight years of sending a Senior to play in College.


We had great participation in the off-season hitting.  This should help us get a good jump on our spring season.  We are excited to get started with this great group of players!


The weather is making it difficult for us to complete our pre-season preparation properly.  In the first scheduled 8 days of practice, we were only outside on the courts once.  I hope it warms up soon.



The scrimmage against Madison Grant went well.  It was pretty cold and it took a while for us to get warmed up.  I thought our players did a nice job competing.  It was nice to be outside playing tennis again.


On Tuesday, we hosted Marion for our first match of the season.  Overall, we did not play with enough fire.  We did not make enough good decisions on the court to beat a strong team.  We needed more time outside during practice the past few weeks.  We will work to quickly get caught up.  Mason and Sarah won their doubles match to give us our only point.

  The JV team won 6-5.



On Tuesday, we traveled to Bluffton, where we won 5-0.  We played with a little more purpose than last week.  Our decisions were better and we played more aggressively.  We still need to keep pushing to excel but it was a good day for us.  It was nice to see our players get the important points to stop any momentum from our opponents.  All of the varsity players won in straight sets.

  The JV team won 6-2.  Cheyenne, Niah, and Kristen won their singles matches while Niah/EmilyHeineman, Reagan/Allison, and Justine/EmilyHart won their doubles matches.


Week 3

On Tuesday, we were rained out with Wabash…We will probably make this up May 2.


On Wednesday, we finally played our third match of the season.  This was our first CIC match.  We beat Elwood 5-0.  We only gave up total of 2 games combined for the 5 varsity courts.  Way to go girls!

  The JV team also won 5-0 but in a more suspenseful match.  Three of the 5 courts needed win tie-breaks to win.  Our girls did a good job getting the important points.  The JV moves to 3-0 on the season!


On Thursday, we were rained out with Taylor.


On Saturday, we played at Logansport.  For a change it was cold and partly sunny instead of just cold, windy, and cloudy.  We lost to Logansport 3-2.  Jennie/Abbi and Mason/Sarah won their doubles matches.  Emily fought back to take the second set to 6-5 before dropping the match.  The JV team won 4-1.

On Saturday, we also played Northwestern.  The varsity won 5-0 with everyone winning in straight sets.  The JV team advanced their record to 5-0 with a 7-3 victory.


Week 4

On Monday, we played Anderson.  We won 4-1.  Emily split sets and went into a 3rd set tie-break before dropping her match.  Caroline, Satang, Jennie/Abbi, and Mason/Sarah won in straight sets.

  The JV Team won 6-0 to advance their record to 6-0.


On Thursday, we hosted Madison Grant for our second conference match.  We have had a full year of remembering our “hurricane match”.  This year, the winds were kinder to us, even though we had to adjust our shots because of it.  The Mason/Sarah gave us a quick lead and soon after, Jennie/Abbi added another point.  With a 2-0 lead, Caroline, Emily, and Satang were giving the Argyles fits.  We lost the 1st set at #1S and #2S by identical 7-5 scores.  Satang held on to take the first set 7-6(8-6).  We needed 1 more point but MG was not going to give it to us without a fight.  With the match tied 2-2, Satang sealed the team victory with a 7-6, 6-4 win at 3S.

  The JV Team came from being down 3-0, to win the final four positions for an exciting 4-3 win.  The JV Team remains undefeated on the season.at 7-0.


On Friday, we traveled to Kokomo Taylor but did not play.  Taylor, inadvertently re-scheduled 2 make-up matches on the same night.  We were sent home to allow Taylor to play a conference match against Peru.


On Saturday, we played in the Madison Grant Tourney.  Abbi/Satang and Mason/Sarah won their doubles positions!  Emily Heineman lost in the finals at #2S.  Caroline came one point away from moving into the finals at #1S.   Reagan and Abby Martin each played a varsity match at #3S with Abby winning.  As a team we took 2nd place, even though we were missing 2 varsity players.  It was nice to be playing tennis in nicer weather than what we have had to play in.


2013 MG Doubles Champs


Week 5

On Tuesday, we played at Alexandria.  Jennie/Abbi gave us a 1-0 lead that was short-lived.  After Caroline dropped her #1S match, we were tied 1-1.  Satang gave us the lead back with her win and soon after, Mason/Sarah gave us our important 3rd team point with their 10th straight victory (they are still undefeated on the season).  Emily played a 3 ½ hour match, losing in a 3rd set tie-break.  The win keeps our team undefeated in the conference.

  The JV Team lost their first match of the season 5-3.  Emily Heineman and Cheyenne won their singles matches and also teamed together for a doubles victory.


On Wednesday, we hosted Blackford.  This was our 3rd conference match in the past 7 days and 4th overall.  All varsity players won in straight sets to keep us perfect in the CIC.  EmilyO, Satang, and Mason/Sarah did not give up a game in their victories.

  The JV Team got back on winning ways with a 9-0 victory.  Kristen, Niah, Cheyenne, Reagan, EmilyHart, Justine all won 2 matches.  The JV team is now 8-1.


On Friday, we participated in the Cancer Services of Grant County WALK OF HOPE.  What a great team bonding day while helping a great cause!



On Saturday, we played in the Lebanon Invitational.  In the first round, we defeated Westfield 5-0.  Caroline won a super tie-break to complete the sweep.  The JV team won 4-1.  Both teams advanced to the championship matches.

In the championship, we were challenged on several of the courts.  It was nice to see us respond positively in these situations.  Emily was down 3-2 in the first set before winning 10 of the next 11 games to win her match.  Jennie/Abbi were up 5-2 in the first set when their opponents won the next 2 games and were within a point of making it 5-5.  Jennie/Abbi fought of that point and won 7 of the next 9 games to win their match.  Mason/Sarah fought back from dropping the first set to win the second set 6-3 and then dominated the tie-break.  Satang had little difficulty in her 6-0, 6-0 win.  The JV team lost 4-1 in the championship.  Allison won her exciting match in a tie-break.



Week 6

On Monday, we traveled to Tipton, where we defeated the Blue Devils 5-0.  Caroline fended off her opponents attempt at a comeback in the second set to win 6-3, 6-4.  Jennie/Abbi did not give up a game.  Mason/Sarah only gave up 1 game in their 14th straight win.  Emily also only gave up 1 game while Satang gave up only 3 games.

  The JV team won 8-3 with everyone playing  2 matches.


On Wednesday, we played our last conference match of the season at Frankton.  The 4-1 victory gave us the CIC Championship.  It was a great win, giving the eagles little hopes of sharing the title.  This was our 10th straight victory.  The team is playing well right now.  Let’s hope we continue to compete like this over the next few weeks!  Jennie/Abbi and Satang won without giving up a game.  Mason/Sarah only gave up 2 games, while Emily gave up 3.  Caroline pushed the top player in the conference to 3 sets.

  The JV team won 6-3, handing Frankton’s JV team their second loss of the season.  Emily Heineman, Allison, Niah, and Kristen won singles matches.  EmilyHeineman/Allison and Justine/Emily Hart won their doubles matches.


On Tuesday, we played at Wabash to make up our 2 postponements.  Instead of hosting Wabash, we traveled there to make it possible to get this match in this season.  It seemed like we played all of the important points very well.  Jennie/Abbi gave us an early lead without giving up a game.  Mason/Sarah put a quick stop to their opponents second set comeback to give us a 2-0 lead.  Satang was extremely consistent in her straight set victory.  Emily pulled out the first set by winning the final 4 points to the tie-break.  Caroline split sets and then was down 7-3 in the super tie-break before winning the final 7 points to win the match.  It was closer than the final 5-0 score.  This was the varsity team’s 9th consecutive win!

  The JV team won 4-0.  Cheyenne and Allison won their singles matches, while Abby/Niah and Reagan/EmilyHart won their doubles matches.  The JV team is now 11-2.



On Saturday, we played in the Concordia Invitational.  We played pretty well.  Of the 15 varsity matches, we won 11 and lost 4.  Caroline was defeated by the individual 2012 singles state runner-up and Jennie/Abbi were defeated by the individual 2012 doubles state runner-up.  Emily and Mason/Sarah lost to the teammates of these runner-ups.  Satang went 3-0 on the day and won the #3Singles position.  The team finished in a close second, finishing behind #28 Canterbury by 1 point.  We took home the second place trophy.

Results: Canterbury 36, Mississinewa 35, Dwenger 31, Leo 22, Concordia 21, Bellmont 17, East Noble 15, FW Northside 9.