I am excited about this spring 2014 season.  We are coming off a very successful year (2013)…capturing the CIC Title, winning the Lebanon Tourney, and just being squeeked out of first place in the Ft. Wayne Concordia Tournament (8-teams) by Canterbury.  Even though we graduated 2 of our best players (Jennie and Emily), we return five  players with at least a year of varsity experience (Caroline, Satang, Abbi, Mason, Sarah).  There should be 9-10 players fighting for varsity positions this year.  The younger players show some promise to be good players.  It should be another fun season!  The players should get a lot of attention with so many coaches helping this spring.  Scott Schuler has joined the staff as assistant coach and Eric Hollingsworth has joined the staff as a volunteer assistant.  Coach Fratus will continue to be a major influence in our program.  Stephen Jeffries will be contributing as well.




Our scrimmage vs Madison Grant was rained out.


 On Wednesday, we played at #10 Marion to start our 2014 Spring Season.  Both teams returned 5 of 7 starters from last year’s teams.  The match lasted over 3 hours and had 3 positions split sets.  Marion escaped with a 3-2 win, while the Indians put a scare into the Giants.  Abbi/Mason won 6 straight games in the third set after being down 4-0.   Sarah finished her match with an ace to win 6-2 in the third set.  Allison/Niah pushed their opponents to 3 sets but came up just short.  Caroline and Satang both lost in 2 sets but each had moments of playing well. 

 The JV Team lost 6-2.  Kristen won her singles match and Heidi/Ashley won their doubles match.


On Friday, we hosted Anderson for our first home match of the season.  Everyone played well, winning in straight sets.  Abbi/Mason gave us a quick lead with their 6-0, 6-0 win.  Emily/Allison followed soon after with their 6-0, 6-0 win.  Satang Followed suit also winning 6-0, 6-0.  Sarah only gave up 1 game the entire match and Caroline won 6-2, 6-3.  The girls did a great job staying in command of their matches.

  The JV Team won 7-0.  It was awesome to see everyone playing well and having fun.  Niah, AbbyM, Kristen won their singles matches while EmilyHart/Justine, Megan/Sophi, Ashley/Heidi, and Hannah/Kaci won their doubles matches.  Great job!




On Friday, we hosted Manchester in one of the longest matches of my long coaching career.  We started at 5:30 and completed the varsity match at 9:05 with Sarah winning a traditional third set tie-break.  The JV Team finished at 9:55 after playing a total of 12 tie-breaks during their match. I am glad this was not a school night.   The girls hit a lot of tennis balls during this match.  We were fortunate to have won 10 of the 12 JV tie-breaks.  Abbi/Mason gave us an early lead with Caroline and then Niah/Emily soon following to seal the team victory.  Satang then won in straight sets while Sarah was heading into a 3rd set after dropping the second set. After battling to tie the third set 6-6, Sarah picked up her game (and her confidence too) and won the tie-break 7-2 completing the team sweep.

  The JV Team won 7-2 with 7 of the 9 matches needing a tie-break for at least one of their sets.  Singles winners were: Allison, Ashley, Kristen.  Doubles winners were: Abby/Emily, Sophie/Heidi, and Kaci/Hannah.




  On Tuesday, we traveled to Wabash, where it was pretty windy and chilly. We got off to a slow start.  All three singles positions lost their first sets while #2D escaped with a tie-break win.  The second sets went better…we captured 4 of the 5 positions to give us a 2-1 lead moving into the third set at #2S and #3S.  Satang and Sarah both won their third sets in convincing fashion to give us a 4-1 win.

  The JV team dropped the match 6-2.  Winners were Kristen Stark and Megan/Kaci.


  On Wednesday, we traveled to Elwood to play our first conference match of the season.  We won five of the eight varsity sets 6-0.  Satang led the way by winning quickly with Sarah and Abbi/Mason finishing their matches almost immediately afterward.  Caroline and Niah/Allison soon followed to give us the 5-0 win.

  The JV Team won 9-0.  It was the second time this season that everyone won their matches.  Super job!


  On Thursday, we hosted Taylor.  After mixing and matching our line up, we ended up giving up only 1 game total for the match.  Singles Winners were: Sarah Osborne, Emily Heineman, and Abby Martin.  Doubles winners were: Abbi Fleming/Mason Stanley and Caroline Cassidy/Satang Ceesay

No JV matches were played.


  On Saturday, we played in the Logansport Tourney, where we took 1st place by beating Western 5-0, Northwestern 4-1, and Logansport4-1.  We had to come back from behind at a few positions to beat the host of the tourney.  Satang over her opponent late in the first set to gain enough momentum to capture the important 3rd point.  Sarah needed to win a second set tie-break to extend her match into a super tie-break.  Sarah won both tie-breaks to win the match.  Abbi/Mason and Emily/Allison played solid matches to give us an early 2-0 lead.  Caroline showed signs of greatness against a strong player.  This was the first time we have won the Logansport Tournament.

  Against Northwestern, Caroline dropped a close 7-6(8-6), 6-4 match to a strong freshman.  Satang, Sarah, Abbi/Mason, and Emily/Allison won quickly.

  Against Northwestern, Caroline, Satang, Sarah, Abbi/Mason, and AbbyM/Niah won in straight sets to seal the team victory!




  On Monday, We played on the Ball State University Courts against Muncie Burris.  Everyone played pretty well in our 5-0 victory.  Caroline, Satang, and Sarah had little difficulty with their singles wins and Abbi/Mason and Emily/Allison swept through their opponents.

  The JV Team won 6-1.  Ashley, Kristen, Justine, and Megan won their singles matches while Niah/AbbyM and EmilyHart/Sophie won their doubles matches.


On Tuesday, we traveled to Western, where we almost started our match but were halted after introductions with our opponents due to rain.  We will make up this match on Fri., May 9th.


  On Thursday, We traveled to Madison Grant to play our second conference match.  The conditions were cold and windy.  Our players did a great job not allowing the weather to play apart in the match.  Satang was first done, winning 6-0, 6-0, to give us an early lead. Soon after, Abbi/Mason won 6-2, 6-1 to give us a 2-0 lead.  Sarah (6-3, 6-2 win), Caroline (6-1, 6-0 win), and Emily/Allison (6-4, 6-1 win) completed the sweep of the Argyles.

  The JV Team lost 6-1 to a very talented MG JV squad.  Justine Barker/Megan Turner won their doubles match.




  On Tuesday, we hosted Alexandria for our third conference match of the season.  Abbi/Mason gave us a quick lead with their 6-0, 6-0 win.  Satang also did not give up a game in her victory.  Sarah sealed the team victory while winning 11 of the last 12 games.  Allison/Niah won their last 3 games to win in straight sets.  Caroline, after dropping the 1st set in a tie-break, extended play to a third set with a convincing 6-1 second set win.  Caroline won the third set 6-3 to finish the team sweep. 

  The JV Team lost 6-2.  Heidi/Sophie won in a third set tie-break and Kaci/Megan also won a third set tie-break.


On Wednesday, we traveled to Blackford to play another conference opponent.  It was nice to play in the warm weather again.  It has been too long since I coached without my knit hat.  Abbi/Mason, Sarah, and Satang almost finished simultaneously giving us the team victory.  Caroline finished soon after.  Then Allison/Niah finished to give us the 5-0 win.  We are now 4-0 in the CIC.

  The JV Team won 6-1.  It was nice to have Emily and Emily back from DECA.  Emily Heineman, Abby Martin, and Megan Turner all won their singles matches.  Kristen/Ashley, EmilyHart/Justine, and Sophie/Heidi won their doubles matches!


  On Friday, we traveled back to Western to make up our rained-out match from earlier in the season.  Everyone played well in the quick win that beat another storm in the area.  Abbi/Mason did not give up a game, Satang and Sarah only gave up 1, Caroline gave up 2, and Emily/Allison only gave up 3 games in their straight sets victories.  The team won its 13th match in a row.

  The JV Team won 2-1 with Ashley and Sophie winning their singles matches.


  On Saturday, we played in the Lebanon Invitational.  We played Westfield in the first round.  After Abbi Fleming/Mason Stanley won at 1D, Caroline Cassidy lost at 1S, Sarah Osborne won at 3S to give us a 2-1 lead.  Satang Ceesay won the last 3 games to win 7-5 in the second set.  Emily Heineman/Allison Tignor won a third set tie-break to give us the 4-1 win.

  In the championship match vs Lebanon, we started slowly, losing the 1st set in 3 of the 5 positions by 6-0 or 6-1 scores and one of the 5 positions was tightly contested at a 3-2 score.  The outlook did not look promising.  The momentum started changing.  After Caroline dropped her match, Abbi Fleming/Mason Stanley won theirs to tie the team score at 1.  Sarah Osborne won 9 of her last 10 games to take her point and give us a 2-1 lead.  Both Emily Heineman/Allison Tignor and Satang Ceesay needed to win the second set to extend play to give us a chance to capture the all important third point.  They both ended up winning 10-6 super tie-breaks to give us the 4-1 win.

  The JV Team finished 3rd in their tournament.  They lost 5-1 to Westfield with Heidi winning her match and then defeated Rossville 4-0 with Niah, Abby Martin, Ashley, and EmilyHart/Kristen winning their matches.



    On Monday, we hosted Tipton to start our stretch of 3 straight home matches.  All of the varsity positions won in straight sets to give us our 16th straight win!

  The JV team won 8-2.  Winners were: Abby Martin, Ashley Hicks, Emily Hart, Justine Barker, Kristen Starks, Heidi Davis, Sophie Clark, Megan Turner, Kaci Rowe, and Hannah Rumsey. 


  On Wednesday, our conference championship match against Frankton was rained out.  We will play this match on Friday.


    On Thursday, we won our 17 consecutive match of the season by defeating Bluffton 5-0.  It was the 12th time this year that we swept our opponents.  Satang, Sarah, and Abbi/Mason all won without giving up a game.  Caroline won in straight sets.  EmilyHeineman/Allison won in 3 sets after dropping the first set in a tie-break.

  The JV team won 4-3.  Winners were Niah, Abby, and Kristen at singles and Sophie/Heidi at doubles.  We dropped 2 tie-breakers.


    On Friday, we started our match against Frankton before the rain hit.  Our last CIC match was going well before the interruption.  Abbi/Mason gave us a 1-0 lead with their 6-0, 6-1 victory.  Sarah and Emily/Allison won their first sets 6-0, Satang won her 1st set 6-1 while Caroline battled to a 4-6 first set against last year’s league’s best player.  The second sets are much tighter.  We hope to continue on Tuesday.


  On Saturday, we played in the 8-team Concordia Invitational.  During the first round, Satang, Sarah, and Abbi/Mason won to advance to the semi-finals for their brackets.  Caroline and Emily/Allison lost but won their second round matches.  Satang, Sarah, and Abbi/Mason won their second round matches to advance to the finals.  In the third round, Caroline, dropped her very close match, Satang played a great first set against a very strong opponent but came up short in the final, Sarah beat a strong player to win the #3S position, Abbi/Mason dropped a close match to the a strong doubles team from Dwenger, Emily/Allison won their last match to take 4th at #2D.  The team finished 2nd overall to #9 Canterbury.  It was a good day and our third time this year that we took home hardware from a tournament.

  Niah, AbbyM, Ashley, and Megan all played well against other jv players.  Thanks for playing, girls.



  On Tuesday, we resumed play vs Frankton.  This was the third and final attempt to complete this match.  With a 1-0 lead, we needed to finish 2 more positions to earn our second straight CIC title.  Emily/Allison won 2 games quickly to capture their point.  Satang won three straight games to finish her match and seal the championship.  Caroline won her set to extend play to the third set.  Sarah won 5 of her last 6 games to finish her match.  Caroline dropped the third set.  Olemiss 4 Frankton 1.  This was our 18th straight team victory!

  Justine/Megan won their doubles match while Ashley and Emily Hart won their singles matches.


  On Wednesday, we played in the first round of the state tourney against Madison Grant.  The three singles players(Caroline, Satang, Sarah) gave up a total of 3 games in their victories.  Abbi/Mason defeated a good doubles team 6-2, 6-1.  Emily/Allison won the last 5 games of their match, after being down 4-1 in the second set, to win in straight sets.  It was a good win for the team.  This was the 13th match of the season that we swept our opponents and won 5-0.


  On Thursday, we played #22Marion in the finals of the sectional.  Our players played hard and well at all 5 positions.  Marion took a 2-0 lead with wins over Caroline and Satang.  Marion played extremely well at these spots.  After Sarah and Abbi/Mason defeated their opponents, the team score was tied 2-2 while Emily/Allison split sets to set up the excitement for the conclusion of the match.  Emily/Allison played well but came up short 6-3 in the third set.  It was a match of 2 great teams playing at a high level…very exciting!  Our girls forced Marion to play at a higher level to beat us.

  Abbi/Mason will move into the individual tournament and play Tuesday at Marion.



  On Tuesday, Abbi/Mason defeated Yorktown’s #1 Doubles team 6-3, 6-4 to advance to the Finals of the Individual Sectional Tournament, played at the Team Regional site.  The Olemiss doubles team is 3-0 in state tournament play!


  On Thursday, Abbi/Mason defeated Lapel’s #1 Doubles team 6-1, 6-2 to win the individual sectional championship.  They advance to the individual regional, which is the sweet sixteen of the state tourney.  The Olemiss doubles team is 4-0 in state tourney play!


  On Saturday, Abbi/Mason defeated Lewis Cass to advance to the individual regional championship (basically, the elite eight of #1 doubles teams).  They played a tough FW Carroll team to a second set tie-break…so close to going to the finals…They finish with a 26-2 record!


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