We are, again, excited to start another spring season with the players.  We are coming off two straight CIC championships.  The losses to graduations are from players who have racked up a lot of wins (Caroline and Satang are #4 and #6 on the most varsity wins of all time at Mississinewa).  We return a few strong players who could break the current record.  We are trying to find 7 girls ready to compete at the varsity level.  Hopefully, the girls will push to prepare hard the next few weeks!




  On Monday, Madison Grant came to Mississinewa High School to scrimmage us.  We won a total of 7 matches while losing 9 and reaching a tie at 2.   This gave us a chance to see how the girls would react to the competition from another team.  We have a lot of work to do in order to be competitive at all positions.  We still have questions of who will play where.  You may see a lot of flipping around the line-up until we have players settle in to a position.


  Wednesday, we hosted #19 ranked Marion for our first regular season match.  After an hour of play, lightening forced us to delay play…before we were able to continue, the rain started.  Marion captured the #2 singles position.   On most of the other courts, we were able to only complete the first set.  Marion won the first sets at #1 singles, and both doubles courts.  Marion holds a 5-4 lead at #3 singles.  Both teams appear to be a little rusty…it might be a little first-match jitters…the quality of play should be noticeable when we continue play.


  We tried to continue the Marion match on Thursday…with no luck.  We will resume play on Wed. Apr. 15th at 5:00pm.


  On Friday, we travelled to Anderson to attempt to complete our first match of the season.  The weather was beautiful as we swept through all of the matches in straight sets.  Haleigh, Amber, and Abby captured the singles positions while Abbi/Mason and Allison/Ashley won the doubles spots.  The JV team won 4-0 with Pia and Heidi winning at singles and Kristen/Katie and Andrea/Abigail winning at doubles.  It was a nice that everyone won their match.




  On Tuesday, we played at Bluffton, where we came away with a 4-1 win.  Haleigh gave us a quick lead winning 6-0, 6-0.  Abbi/Mason and Allison/Ashley ended their matches almost simultaneously giving us a 3-1 lead and securing the team win.  AbbyM won with a 12-10 super tie-break.  The JV team won 5-0 with Pia, Kristen, and Katie winning their singles matches and Heidi/Gabby and Andrea/Abigail winning their doubles matches.  Way to go girls! 


 On Wednesday, we completed our match vs #14Marion.  Both teams played at a higher level than last week.  Before the lightening hit last week, Marion had won the 1st set on 4 courts and was up 5-4 at the 5th position.  Marion was up 1-0 with their win at 2 singles.  Tonight, Marion got off to a quick 2-0 lead by winning 2 games at 1S.  AbbyM tied it 5-5 right away before dropping 3S to give the giants a 3-0 lead.  Both doubles teams won their second sets to extend play into a 3rd set.  Abbi/Mason fought back from match point in the second set tie-break.  Allison/Ashley won their second set 6-2.  2D dropped the 3rd set 7-6(7-4) while 1D won their 3rd set 6-4.  The JV team dropped their first match of the season 5-4.  Winners were Pia, Heidi/Gabby, Pia/Gabby, and Kristen, Katie.


   On Friday, we traveled to Manchester, where we defeated the Squires 4-1.  AbbyM displayed much confidence and consistency in her two-set victory.  Haleigh, again after gaining a lead, did not provide much opportunity for her opponent to come back.  Abbi/Mason and Allison/Ashley had little difficulty in their wins.  The JV team won 5-3 with Kristen, Heidi, and Katie winning at singles while Pia/Gabby and Katie/Gabby gained doubles wins.  It was a late night (good thing it was a non-school night) but a lot of fun for the girls.




  On Tuesday, we hosted an experienced Wabash team.  The Apaches played 5 seniors in their varsity lineup.  Wabash took a 2-0 lead with wins at 2 and 3 singles.  We tied it up with wins at 1 and 2 doubles.  At 1S, Haleigh, won the first set and was trying to finish off her opponent when the freshman nerves moved in.  After giving up the lead, Haleigh buckled down to put away her opponent 6-3 in the 3rd set to give the Indians the 3-2 victory.  It was a big win for the freshman!  The wins moves our record to 4-1.

  The JV team won 3-1 with Amber Haisley and Katie Powell winning their singles matches and Kristen Stark/Gabby Stephenson winning their doubles match.


  On Wednesday, we started our conference play by defeating Elwood 5-0.  The doubles teams of Abbi/Mason and Ashley/Allison swept through their opponents without giving up a game.  Haleigh and Pia won in straight sets (it was Pia’s first ever varsity win) and Abby Martin came back and won a super tie-break 11-9 after dropping the first set.  The team is now 1-0 in the CIC and 5-1 overall. 

  The JV team lost 2-1 with Amber winning her singles match.


  On Thursday, we traveled to Taylor to play a jv match that was mixed with some varsity players (on both teams).  We won 6-0 while giving up only 4 games and winning 60.  Singles winners were: Abby, Pia, and Katie.  The doubles winners were: Amber/Kristen, Gabby/Amber, and Andrea/Abigail.  Good job girls!


  On Saturday, we were rained out of playing in the Logansport Tourney.  This will not be made up but we will try to add a few matches to the schedule.




  On Monday, we hosted Muncie Burris who brought a 4-2 record into the match.  Haleigh and Abbi/Mason led the charge winning 6-0, 6-0 and 6-1, 6-0 respectively.  Allison/Ashley sealed the team victory with their 6-2, 6-2 win.  Abby and Pia both played against evenly matched opponents.  Both did a great job pulling out close straight set matches!  Olemiss wins 5-0!  The jv team improved their record to 6-2 with a 4-1 win.  Amber, and Kristen won singles matches while Heidi/Gabby and Andrea/Abigail won their doubles matches.


 On Tuesday, we hosted Western.  We gained a fast 2-0 lead with Abbi/Mason and Haleigh coming off of the courts almost at the time.  Ashley/Allsison and Pia won their matches in straight sets. AbbyM lost a marathon match.  The jv team won 3-2 with Amber and Kristen winning their singles matches and Gabby/Heidi winning their doubles match.


  On Thursday, we hosted Madison Grant during a CIC match.  We captured the three singles spots with straight sets wins from HaleigAbbi, and Mason.  We battled at all 5 positions.  Amber/AbbyM fought hard in their 3 set loss.  The jvteam beat the undefeated jv argyles 5-1.  Singles winners were Kristen and Heidi while the doubles winners were Pia/Heidi, Katie/Gabby, and Abigail/Gabby.




 We traveled to Alexandria for a matchup of two teams undefeated in conference play.  After 45 minutes of play, we were down on all five varsity courts.  Then we started to overtake the our opponents.  It was lights out!  Haleigh won 12 straight games after being down 4-0.  Abbi /Mason won 10 of the next 11 games after trailing 3-2.  Allison /Ashley won 12 of their next 13 games after losing 4-1.  It was an amazing comeback!   The jv team lost 6-1.  Pia Briz won her singles match.


  On Wednesday, we hosted conference foe Blackford.  We only gave up 4 games total in the 5-0 win over the Bruins.  Haleigh and the doubles teams of Abbi / Mason and Ashley / Allison won their matches by identical 6-0, 6-0 scores.  Abby and Amber won in straight sets.  we are now 10-1 on the season.    The jv team won 4-0.  Pia and Heidi won their singles matches.   Gabby Katie and Abigail /Andrea won their doubles matches.


  On Saturday, we played Eastern in the first round of the Lebanon Invitational.  Eastern is ranked number 2 in their district.  With two matches left to finish, we had a 2-1 lead.  Eastern squeeked out a second set tie-break and a third set tie-break to capture the win 3-2.  Abbi/Mason and Ashley/Allison won their doubles matches.  In the second round, we beat Rossville 4-1 with Haleigh and Amber winning their singles matches and Abbi/Mason and Ashley/Allison winning their doubles matches.  Eastern defeated Lebanon 4-1 to win the championship.

  The jv team won their first round 4-1 over Eastern with Pia, Heidi, Katie, and Kristen/Gabby wining their matches.  In the second round, the jv team lost to Lebanon 4-1 with Heidi being the lone winner.




  On Monday, our match vs Tipton was cancelled.  We are unable to re-schedule this late in the season.  We will host Lapel tomorrow.


  On Tuesday, we hosted Lapel in a last-minute scheduled match.  We added this match after getting cancelled Monday (vs Tipton).  Lapel captured all three singles positions to defeat us 3-2.  They had a great comeback at 3S to win 7-5 in the third set.  During the jv match, Abigail won her singles play.


  On Wednesday, we played our last CIC match at Frankton.  We came into the match undefeated in conference play.  After the 5-0 win, we were crowned CIC Champs!  This is the third consecutive year to claim the title.  Kristen won her first varsity match ( in her first attempt) when she won at 2D with Amber!  Haleigh, Abbi, and Mason won at singles and Allison/Ashley won at doubles also.

  The jv team won 5-1 with Heidi, Katie, and Abigail winning at singles and Pia/Gabby and Andrea/Abigail winning at doubles.  WAY TO GO GIRLS!


  On Friday, we honored our seniors as we hosted Shenandoah.  The seniors were able to celebrate with a 5-0 victory.  Haleigh, Abby, and Amber won their singles matches in straight sets while Abbi/Mason and Ashley/Allison won their doubles matches also in straight sets.  The win puts us at 13-3 on the season.  The jv team won 3-2 with Abigail and the doubles teams of Pia/Katie and Heidi/Gabby winning their matches.  The jv team is now 12-5!


 On Saturday, we were rained out of the Concordia Invitational.  We were not able to find a team to play on Saturday.  We will travel to #8 Delta on Monday!




  On Monday, we traveled to Delta to play #8 in the state.  We dropped the match 4-1 with Ashley / Allison winning in 3 sets.  This match should help us be prepared for the sectional tournament.  The jv team lost 7-3 with Heidi (twice) and Gabby winning their matches.


  On Wednesday, we played in the first round of the state tourney against Madison Grant.  Middle to late in the first sets, we were down on 4 of the courts but ended pretty strong.  Haleigh finished her match winning 10 straight after being down 3-2 in the first set.  Abbi/Mason finished winning 8 straight after being up 4-3 in the first set.  Ashley/Allison finished winning 10 of their last 14 games after being down 4-3 in the first set.  Abby Martin won her first set tie-break after being down the entire first set.  Rain prevented her from finishing the match….since the team was up 3-1 as a team, Abby Martin did not have to finish her individual match…which is too bad…she was playing very well  I guess you can say the score was 3 ˝ - 1.  We are looking forward to playing in the final!


  On Thursday, we played #14 Marion in the Sectional Final.  Overall, we fought hard during the match but played with a slight nervousness.  Four of our 7 varsity players had never played on this type of stage before…I wish we could have displayed our true skills.  Amber played her best match of the season, pushing her opponent into a 3-set match.  She battled to the finish but dropped the 3rd set 7-5…so close.  Abbi/Mason turned around a 4-0 deficit, in the second set, to capture the last 6 games and win the match.  The team ends their season with a 14-5 record.





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