There are a few Tennis Centers close to Gas City. All have coaches (Shawn Huck Anderson Tennis Center, Shawn Flanary-Howard County Indoor Tennis Center, and Tim Cleland-Muncie YMCA) who I respect. These are great coaches with high integrity and will stress fundamentals as well as maturity as a player and as a person. If you join programs in either club, try to register for sessions that are led by these coaches.


Anderson Sports Center


Howard County Indoor Tennis Center


Muncie YMCA


Muncie YMCA also offers Winter High School Hitting Sessions (drills and match play) - Saturday Noon-2:00PM or Sunday 2:00-4:00PM


We offer a lot of hitting opportunities for students at Olemiss. We have Summer Camps, Winter Open-Hitting (at the high school), and Summer Leagues. Please check with the website ( http://www.olemisstennis.com ) or one of the coaches to find out information about these opportunities.