Olemiss Tennis

Fall 2009


On Tuesday, we defeated Elwood to complete our CIC matches and become the CIC Champs.  We only gave up 1 game all night!  We are very pleased that the players have been rewarded for their hard work with this title.

The JV Team completed their season with a record of 12-3-2.


We defeated Muncie Burris 5-0 on Monday.  Burris came into the match with a 15-2 record.  Our players did a great job winning the important points.  The results could have been a lot different…we won a tiebreak and 3 sets by a score of 7-5.  Austin/Collin had another great comeback, fighting back from being down 5-2 to win 7-5.   The JV Team won 4-1 with Stefan, RyanP, Landon, and Scott/Payton winning their matches.

On Saturday, we competed in the Lebanon Tournament.  In the first round, we defeated Lebanon 3-2.  It was pretty exciting…Abram had to win 7-5 in the 3rd set to help us advance after Kenny and Ryne/Brandon won their matches.  In the finals, we lost to #27Lafayette Harrison 3-2.  We pushed them to the limits by forcing 3 positions into 3rd set matches.  Kenny and Adam won their matches.  The JV Team Lost to Lebanon 4-1 before defeating Perry Meridian 5-0.  Stefan won both of his matches while Dalton, RyanP, Scott/Payton, and Landon/Kyle won during the Perry Meridian match.

We defeated Frankton in a quick match on Wednesday.  All of the varsity players were done in less than 40 minutes.  We now have one more CIC match which will be played at Elwood on Tuesday.  The JV Won 5-1 with Dalton, RyanW, Kyle, Jeff, Landon, Scott/Payton winning their matches.

We finished tied for 4th place in the Jeffersonville Invitational with #16 Greenwood.  Kenny captured 2nd place in his pool of players.  Every other varsity player finished 1-2 on the weekend.  It was nice to again see great players in one tournament.  The JV Team finished 2nd in the tournament!  Check out some pictures from the weekend.

On Monday, we defeated Alexandria.  We typically have a slow start on Mondays…this was no exception.  With the win, we remain at the top of the conference.  It was nice to win every match at both varsity and JV.  Dalton/Payton won 15 of their last 17 games in a great 3 set match (they were down 5-1 in the 1st set).

On Saturday, we lost to Marion 3-2.  Marion’s singles players were just too tough for us this day.  Nick Fauser played extremely well in his win.  We will continue to push ourselves to improve to force another great battle in sectionals.   Even in defeat, it was a good day for us overall.  Our players are super kids who play hard and exhibit a lot of class.  We have so much to be thankful for.

The JV Team won 3-0 with Payton/Scott, Dalton, and Jeff winning their matches.


On Wednesday, we defeated Maconaquah 5-0.  We won the second sets in four of the five varsity matches 6-0.  Adam held on against a very athletic player in a match that lasted 2 hours and 45 minutes.  We did not play very well in the beginning of the match but made the proper adjustments to finish playing pretty well.  The JV Team won 6-1…winners were Dalton, Stefan, RyanP, Daniel, Payton/RyanW, and Landon/Scott.


On Tuesday, we defeated Taylor 6-0.  We played 4 Singles and 2 Doubles matches since Taylor only had 8 players in their program this season.  We played pretty well during the 1st sets.  We let up slightly during the 2nd sets but picked up the pace when we were pushed a little by our opponents.  Adam played extremely well in his 6-1, 6-1 win, Kenny looked solid, as usual, Dalton rolled to a 6-0, 6-2 win, and Ryne/Brandon were pretty intimidating at the net.  Abram came back from being down 4-1 in the 2nd set to win 6-1, 6-4.  Austin/Collin were down 5-1 in the 2nd before rattling off 6 straight to finish the match with a 6-1, 7-5 victory.


On Saturday, we competed in the FW Carroll Invitational.  It was an extremely long day for the players but well worth it.  We were able to see players from programs we respect and admire.  In the first round, we played pretty well in the 5-0 loss to Cathedral.  Austin/Collin took both sets to a tie-break before losing 11-9 in the super-tie-break.  Ryne/Brandon lost a close 1st set 7-5.   In the second match, we lost to Delta 4-1.  Kenny looked good in his win and Ryne/Brandon dropped a super tie-break.  In the 3rd round of play, we defeated Huntington North 3-2.  Adam, Kenny and Austin/Collin won while Ryne/Brandon and Abram dropped super tie-breakers.  During the day, we extended our opponents to super tie-breaks.  This event will give us a lot of confidence with any school on our schedule.


On Thursday, we defeated Blackford 5-0.  Kenny earned his 53rd varsity win which moved him to the top of the All-Time Most Wins List at Mississinewa High School with his 6-0, 6-1 victory.  I am so proud of what he has given to the program…it is much more than 53 wins!  We asked the players to take this week very seriously and they responded with strong wins over 2 of our 3 strongest challengers in the conference.  Over the past 4 matches, we have won 20 positions and lost 2.

The JV Team won 5-1 with Dalton, Ryan W, Stefan/Payton, Landon/Scott, and Ryan P/Jeff winning their matches.


On Wednesday, we defeated Madison Grant 4-1.  MG moved their #2S and #3S players to doubles to try to help their chances at gaining the win.  Austin and Collin battled those players to the end losing 7-5 in the 3rd set.  It was a competitive match with 4 athletic players.  Kenny finished his match first giving us a lead with his 6-0, 6-0 victory moving him into a 1st place tie for most victories in the school’s history with 52.  Adam finished his opponent by rattling off 6 straight games at the end of his match.  Abram played very well against a strong player (Conner Hunt) in a match that was slightly shorter in time than the 3-set match at #2Doubles.  Ryne/Brandon looked pretty solid in their win.  It was a good team win.  The JV won 5-1.  Winners were Dalton, Ryan W, Ryan P, Stefan/Payton, and Landon/Scott.


On Thursday, we defeated Northwestern 5-0.  It was nice to win the close matches at every position.  For the 2nd consecutive night, Adam played over 2 ½ hours.  He has played exactly 60 games those last two matches.  Abram won 11 straight games in his match.  Kenny has moved into a tie for 3rd place for the most career wins and is 1 behind the leaders.  Ryne/Brandon won a 2nd set tie-break to move Ryne onto the Career Wins Leader Board.  Austin/Collin won a close 1st set and did not give their opponents many opportunities for a comeback after that.  The JV Team won 3-2 with Dalton, Payton, and Scott/Landon winning their matches.  Next week we start our conference matches against 2 of the tougher conference teams.


On Wednesday, we played Bluffton at IWU.  It was nice to win 6-1 with so many close matches.  Overall, we played well with all of the players showing more competitiveness.  Adam played well in his match with a very strong, athletic opponent.

The JV Team tied 4-4 with Scott Atkins and Ryan Porter winning their singles matches and Scott/Landon  and Ryan/Daniel winning their doubles matches.

On Tuesday, we played a strong, experienced Western team.  Western had 6 Seniors of their 7 varsity players.  We lost 3-2.  Ryne/Brandon won in 3 sets as did birthday boy, Kenny in a 2hours and 45 minutes long match.  The jv team lost 9-2 with Collin and Payton Scott winning matches.  We played better than last week but came up just short.


On Thursday, we were defeated by Kokomo.  We still did not perform at our best in the 4-1 loss.  Kenny beat a solid singles player and Ryne/Brandon dropped a 3-set match.  We hope to have another chance to play them again at the end of the season.  The JV Team tied 4-4 with Collin, Stefan, Ryan, and Collin/Stefan winning their matches.  It was a long week for the players.  We hope to get refreshed over the weekend and come back strong next week.


On Tuesday, we downed the Jets from Adams Central 4-1.  The Jets had 5 of their top 7 back along with a pretty tough freshman at the #1S position.  Adam, Brandon, Kenny/Ryne, and Austin/Dalton won their matches.  The JV Team won 5-2.  Collin, Payton, Scott, RyanP, and scott/RyanP won their matches.  I was pleased with the way the JV competed.



Olemiss 2009

 Varsity Record: 14 – 7

JV Record: 12 – 3 – 2



2009 Individual Honors


All-State Honorable Mention:

Abram Fleming, Brandon CragunRyne Cunningham


All-Conference 1st Team:

Abram, Adam, Kenny, Ryne, Brandon


 Sectional Winners we played in 2009: Delta, Evansville Memorial, Jeffersonville, Western, Plainfield, Marion, Perry Meridian, New Albany


2009 Tournaments

Ft. Wayne Carroll Invite– We lost to #5 Cathedral 5-0.  Everyone played pretty well.  #2Doubles lost in a Super Tie-break 11-9.  We then lost to Delta 4-1 before defeating Huntington North 3-2.

Jeffersonville- We finished tied for 4th with #16Greenwood. #8Plainfield captured 1st place with #24Jeffersonville taking 2nd.  The JV Team captured 2nd place in the JV Tournament.

Lebanon- We defeated Lebanon 3-2 to advance to the championship match against #27Lafayette Harrison.  L.Harrison defeated us 3-2 in the finals.  The JV Team lost to Lebanon 4-1 and then defeated Perry Meridian 5-0.



Rankings (the last week of the season)

for our 2009 tournament opponents:


Cathedral was ranked #6

Plainfield was ranked #7

Jeffersonville was ranked #21

Delta was Rank #25

Lafayette Harrison was ranked #27

Greenwood was ranked in their district

Evansville Memorial was ranked in their district