2016 MHS Tennis Snack Schedule:

We will be providing snacks/sandwiches for 14 (10 players, 2 coaches, 2 managers). The team always takes water to every match so drinks are not necessary, but you are welcome to send drinks if you would like. There are no know food allergies, but please keep in mind that we do have a player who is a strict vegetarian.

For the Saturday invitational/tournaments I have listed 2 families since those are pretty long days.  The first player listed will be responsible for the main snack/lunch. The second listed is for a smaller “second snack” the boys can have later in the day (ie: granola bars, fruit, crackers, etc).


If you are unable to bring snacks on the date you are scheduled, please let me know as soon as possible so I can make other arrangements. Thank You!! J


August 15 (Bluffton)         Sample

August 30 (Marion)           Briz

August 31 (M.G)                 Christensen

Sept 1 (Blackford)              Murphy

Sept 3 (Ft Wayne)              May   (second snack – Morrison)

Sept 10 (Northeastern)    Herring

Sept 17 (Homestead)        Graves   (second snack – Sample)

Sept 21 (Frankton)            Torres

Sept 24 (Lebanon)             Stark   (second snack – Christensen)

Sept 26 (Burris)                  Morrison


Thank You all for your help. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me. Missy Sample 618-8048 or denmisssample@gmail.com