1.       Launch CHROME

2.       Select Preferences under Chrome drop-down menu



3.       Click Show Advanced Settings…





4.       Scroll to Privacy Section

5.       Click on Content Settings…






6.       In the Cookies Section, click Manage Exceptions







7.       Add nwea.org under Hostname pattern and choose Allow as the behavior.

8.       Click Done





9.       Scroll down (from Cookies Section) to Pop-Ups Section

10.   Click Manage Exceptions…





11.   Add the following Hostname Patterns:

12.  https://[*.]test.mapnwea.org:443

13.  https://[*.].mapnwea.org

14.  http://[*.].mapnwea.org

15.  https://destinationpd.nwea.org

16.   Choose allow as the behavior for both

17.   Click Done



18.   Close the Settings Tab